What is your addiction?

Recently my best friend came back home from rehab. She had gotten arrested in October for trying to purchase heroin from a cop. She also had cocaine on her. After 35 days of rehab, my best friend is home—clean and happy. I have not heard her sound this happy in a long time.

All this has me thinking—about addiction and the devastating role it plays in our lives. For most of us are addicted to something, aren’t we? While drug addiction can have a much more obviously negative impact, and can be much harder to overcome than other kinds of addictions, these other, smaller addictions are real nonetheless.

What is your addiction? Maybe it’s drugs or alcohol. Perhaps it’s less apparently harrowing, such as an addiction to shopping, pornography, fast food, praise and approval, or social media.

Whatever your addiction, I hope free-brain.com can be of help. Leave a comment below and let me know what you need most on your journey to freedom.